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Me Vs. Nyles: Rap Battle

5 Apr

This happened on Google Plus of all places:

Wow. I really upset a Daniel Tosh fan. I watch the show. It’s funny, but Tosh is a one trick pony here lately. Some people like that. Myself, I like a little shake up now and then. I think Tosh has become the modern day Archie Bunker personally.

I stopped listening to rap when it turned gangster. If I’m going to listen to rap it would be Beastie Boys or old school Public Enemy or Run DMC. But, I’m going to accept your challenge! What else can a middle aged white guy and father of four on the verge of bankruptcy do?

This is the point where I dead drop the microphone onto the stage and hitch my pants up while walking in a circle looking tough.

Even though it’s spelled wrong, my name made it into a rap song! Cool! (And my Scope is next to my toothbrush, thank you very much!)

What can I say…new career for me?

DJ De Vo?

Do you like how I threw a plug in for my web site?

Even though I think I won and Nyles thinks he won…the true winner is the Rap world for getting two new stars. You hear me Jay z?

Nyles this is your web redemption.