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Grandma’s Recipe For A Full Irish Breakfast (Edited Version)

16 Mar

Grandma’s Recipe For A Full Irish Breakfast (Edited Version)

Being 1/3 Irish, and St. Paddy’s Day tomorrow (March 17th, 2012), I thought I would share Grandma’s recipe for a Full Irish Breakfast.

Just what the hell is a Full Irish Breakfast?

Lucky Charms And Jameson Irish Whiskey,  or skillet fried bacon, sausage, black & white pudding, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, and potato bread.

Just what the hell is black & white pudding?

Disgusting. Black pudding is made with pig’s blood, barley, oats and beef fat. White Pudding is similar but without the blood and made with minced liver.

Just what the hell do I do then?

Fry the bacon, sausages, eggs, and Black & White pudding until cooked. Try not to throw up over the thought of the Black & White pudding.

If you are having Potato Bread also fry with chopped tomatoes or mushrooms until cooked. Duh, Grandma!

Serve the fry-up along with a pot of tea and glasses of freshly squeezed George Killian’s Irish Red orange juice and you have yourself a Full Irish breakfast.

Or dump the whole thing in the garbage, and drive to Denny’s and get a Grand Slam Breakfast.