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High School Reunion Unchained Pt. Two

22 Apr

At some point while in that first year of High School, I realized  High School  wasn’t really working for me.

But there was really nothing I could do about it, because…


I was me.

Things changed when I met Mike. Mike was  our High School’s version of a network guy before there were really network guys in the world. He gathered together a group of us that were not really popular, but were not quite unpopular either. Guys that just liked to hang out and talk about girls and other stuff…but I forget what that other stuff was…

…because we mostly talked about girls.

I still felt awkward in my new circle of friends, but what was nice, was…I could be myself. No matter what, I wasn’t pressured to do anything I didn’t want to do, or be anyone I wasn’t.

And things started turning around. Not because I was any less of a nerd, or awkward, or girlfriendless…but I had a little more confidence.

Around this same time, I also got a job at Wendy’s…which Mike may or may not have had a hand in…I don’t remember. This particular Wendy’s had a lot of people my age working in it. I really enjoyed it, and had a lot of fun.

I remember my first day, wearing my teal and white striped 1800’s looking ice cream shirt, with my stupid flat cap, and my clean and starched apron. My first task was to clean behind the frosty machine. I really wanted to impress the manager, a really thin woman with a lesbian haircut and thick glasses. I spent my time, trying to impress her by cleaning the walls, scrubbing hard, really making it shine. Only to be told, I was taking too long and I need to speed things up…go wash the pots and pans. I did this task much faster, since I cleaned the frosty machine wall way too slow, only to be told: I need to take slow down and do a more thorough job.

The thing I most took away from that first day was:

I need to find a happy medium in the speed I work at and Lesbians confuse and fascinate me.

Which is still true to this day.

I worked there for a year and a little more.

Some other cool things that happened at Wendy’s:

1) I met Rob, who introduced me to alternative music, back before it was labled alternative music.
2) I learned that female coworkers and doing inventory in the dry storage shed led to some really fun times.
3) I found out I was really good at the job, but not in the sense that I was good at working at a Wendy’s, but that I could probably go far in any career I undertook.
4) And once again, I could be myself.

I dropped the drama group (part one reference) and took up journalism. That went much better. I have written about it before, it’s in the archives somewhere on this site, but I don’t know where. It’s not worth digging for, it basically just says: I joined journalism class, didn’t do well until they gave up and let me write what I want, then I did well, and after High School I stopped writing for a long time.

So, in case you forgot (before this got lengthy and off subject), I was debating going to my High School Reunion.

The conclusion that I have come to from all of this nonsense rambling is:

That I would rather go to a Wendy’s reunion.

Chicken Nugget Or Celebrity?

23 May

The Game Show Network called me up and asked  if I would be willing to create a new game show for them.

I said I would be delighted.

I thought I would run a sample by everyone to see what you guys think. So here it is, and it’s called:

Here is how it is played. I show you a picture, you tell me if it’s a celebrity or a chicken nugget.



Deep Fryers On…

Let’s play!

Round One

Celebrity or Chicken Nugget?

Celebrity or Chicken Nugget?

Round 2

The Celebrity is on the Right or Left side?

Speed Round

Answers for the speed round: 1 – Celebrity 2 – Chicken Nugget 3 – Chicken Nugget 4 – Chicken Nugget 5 – Celebrity 6 – Celebrity 7 – Trick Question: Half Chicken Nugget Half Celebrity

Bonus Round

Name that Celebrity.

Name That Celebrity.

(Side Note: I fully expect this post will end up in the Freshly Pressed section.)