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So Here’s the Thing About Walking

23 May

It’s Thursday…there must be a reblog on the horizon…Now the fact that this post starts out with two out of three of my favorite things…zombies and Star Wars…may lead you to believe as to way this post made the cut today. You would be correct. Anyway, take a quick walk with this Maineiac (groan) and her foot doctor and see why putting one slightly shorter leg in front of the other might make you chuckle.

She's A Maineiac

Slide1If you ever happen to be strolling down a walking path in Maine and come across a limping, weeping, zombie Darth Vader, don’t be alarmed — it’s just me.

It all started a few years ago when my podiatrist pointed to the tiny stress fracture on my X-ray and said, “See this? When your foot comes down on the pavement, it cracks, just like a pretzel.”

“Okay. I guess that’s not good?” I asked.


“But I was only walking.”


“So what you’re saying is…I can’t walk anymore?”

“Oh, no. You can walk. But…well, pretend my fingers are your toes,” she pressed her hand onto the table and made a loud cracking noise.

I blinked.

“Tell you what,” she peered over her glasses at me. “Just keep walking using this orthotic insert and we’ll see what happens.”

“What will happen?”

“Oh, nothing, if it doesn’t work, we’ll just cut open your ankle here…” she tapped her finger…

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Reblog Thursday Pt 24

21 Feb

Bringing back reblog Thursdays…on a somewhat sad note. My Batman loving, food loving, social media loving friend has had an accident. But amazingly enough it sounds like she might be okay. (After a lot of hard work.) Everytime she posts on Instagram I get hungry. Please get to walking quickly Vyvacious! I’m in Orlando but let me know if I can help in anyway.


I’m sure a mother watching her child’s first steps for the first time conveys a multitude of emotions I can’t even begin to describe.

Joy. Happiness. Excitement. Awe. Wonder.

I don’t remember what my first steps as a child were like. I’m sure I clapped my hands and bubbles frothed from my mouth in excitement. Just because I was probably a happy ass baby.

Well yesterday, I experienced my first steps…all over again. After my ATV riding accident that took place Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t move. They transferred me to a backboard and drove me to an ambulance since it couldn’t navigate all those whoop-dee-whoops or potholes that well. Apparently neither could my ATV in soft sand which I realized when I went flying from it.

Full protective gear saved my life. I’m sure of it. I didn’t think it was that bad though because I could still wiggle…

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