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Reblog Thursday Pt 25

28 Feb

Just another Reblog Thursday…ohhh…oooo (sung to Manic Monday or You Give Love A Bad Name…you choose) The title of this piece could be about medieval chastity devices or one evil cashier at a Steak N Shake…you choose.


Today we ate at Steak N Shake.

Upon checking out, my card was swiped and I was told I was all set. There was no option to fill out my receipt and add a tip – simply a closed out order. I asked the cashier, Jackie where I should write in the tip, she replied that this was impossible because she had already closed out the transaction. I told her to fix it then, because who was she to block Anastasia from her tips? And how long was this going on? How many servers in this crappy litter diner are being screwed out of their pay because Jackie doesn’t feel like adding tips onto their open checks?! Jackie replies, “Well you didn’t ask me if you could leave a tip.” I pointed out that this was a restaurant and typically people leave tips. In a situation where you have to…

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I Decided To Try And Be Helpful For A Change: Some Cool Facebook Tips Or Tricks Or Treats

25 Apr

Facebook – love or hate it, chances are you use it.

I’m a fan myself.

It’s really what you make out of it that determines your experience. I’m not going to go into a pros or cons, dos or don’ts, pluses or minuses about the ‘Book…I’m just going to share some cool things you can do to impress and/or excite your friends and/or yourself.

One think you can do is refer to it as…the ‘Book.

You may not like it, but Timeline is here. This site allows you to do some really cool things with your cover photo:


Zoom Effect

Puzzle Effect

http://laterbro.com is a free service that lets you schedule your status updates for a later time.

http://fbsym.com/ allows you to add random symbols to your status updates. Why? So your friends can ask, “How did you add those random symbols to your status update?”

Just a sample

This site has a list of emoticons you can use in Facebook chat: http://calebbrown.id.au/blog/2008/04/complete-list-facebook-chat-emoticons

A few examples

See ya on the ‘Book.

Editor’s notes: Please have Chris take out the part about referring to Facebook as the ‘Book. It’s weird and dorky and it’s not cool. I also think the Bible has that copyrighted. I don’t want a lawsuit.

Please have him change the ending: See ya on the ‘Book. This is not some cheesy morning cable access show. I don’t want to see: See ya on Facebook either or Kiss my butt or Show me your Boobs…he has done that last one to death.

One other thing, this is not a “Tips” blog or an “Advice” blog or a “How To Save The World From Your Transgender Neighbors, Yo!” blog…tell Chris to stick to stupid stories about Ice Cubes, Zombies, and Sexual Innuendos. I already have plenty of people dishing out advice about Technology, Diaper Changing, Cooking Broccoli, Best Movie Lists, and Where To Take A Wet Dog On Vacation.

If I see this drivel again, tell Chris he is fired and also tell him I want my lucky mechanical pencil back. Not the green one, the blue one. And I want it with the lead filled!

Also please remove these comments before you hit the Publish button. You didn’t do that last time.