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My Simplistic Review of Table Top

20 Aug

I really like this YouTube show, TableTop.

It’s where they take old tables, remove the tops, and teach you how to refurbish them. So fascinating. Makes my power tool belt giddy with excitement. Today’s installment dealt with a 200 year old coffee table once used by Napoleon. Apparently he wasn’t fond of coasters, also left several burnt cigarette holes in the top and some sort of nasty white film all over the left side. Our host Wil Wheaton, of Stand By Me and Star Trek fame, will take us on a magical transformation of bringing this table top back to mint condition. Just like the day Napoleon got it from Chambres to Go.

Ok. The show is not really about that.

You probably already knew that.

Because you’re smart.

And I have a confession to make. I don’t own a power tool belt. I don’t even own any power tools. (I will spare you the obvious joke.)

I shouldn’t. I could probably, easily staple my hand to the wall…while installing floor tile.

But when I describe the show to you, it may or may not sound just as lame.

But it’s not. Trust me.

Wil Wheaton, of Stand By Me and Star Trek fame, invites 3 internet celebrities to play board games with him while they film and edit it into a nice under 30 minute package.

Wait. Don’t click out of this post yet….

You have to watch. I promise you’ll find it entertaining.

I so want to play a game with Wil Wheaton, of Stand By Me and Star Trek fame. I’m not saying I’m an internet celebrity, I’m just saying Wil Wheaton, of Stand By Me and Star Trek fame, makes playing board games look super fun again.

That is until I gather my own kids together to try to recreate the show, pull out a board game…

…get the cries of, “Do we have to? I would rather play video games!”…

…stop the, “You’re cheating! fight”…

…listen to the, “I’m quitting!” declarations…

…and wish I was playing with Wil Wheaton, of Stand By Me and Star Trek fame, and his friends instead.

I decided to give it a try with one particular game that I thought everyone would like: Ticket To Ride. A big disappointment thanks to Target with a 50 dollar price tag. Just kind of broke right now…that money needs to go to groceries.

Amazon had a little better price…but I don’t know how much shipping would be…

Check it out on YouTube. There are about 9 or 10 episodes, maybe more, a different game each week. Plus bonus features.

I like bonus features.

Side Note: Wil Wheaton, of Stand By Me and Star Trek fame, has a hot wife.

Side Note Part Two: I hope that didn’t hurt my chances of getting on the show.

Side Note Part Three: David Harding wants to play as well…can we be on the same show?

Side Note Part Four: If the hot wife comment made you mad…Wil Wheaton, of Stand By Me and Star Trek fame…don’t punish David Harding…that was all me.