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Protected: Behind The Scenes: The Making Of: The Picnic Lovers Association Tennessee Edition

12 Nov

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Reblog Thursday Pt 9

6 Sep

Happy Reblog Thursday. This maybe considered cheating but…what the hell. Thanks to La La for letting me “sit in” on a little slice of her unusual adventures. Seriously, if your not following this blog, you should be…all of Baltimore does.

Reblog Thursday Pt 7

23 Aug

Hello reblog Thursday…

Today’s installment features the funniest, best review of anything I have ever read. This particular review is on the former wrestler’s porn tape: One Night in Chyna, but I think I would read a review of ANYTHING by these women. (Yup, review toothpaste lids, I would read it.) The reviewers are Carolina of Staked in the Heart, La La of Charm City Chick, and Maggie of Something Fat Happened…and the segment is called: Three Chicks On Porn. I can’t wait for the next one.

Staked in the Heart

This is the first official sex tape review for The Three Hot Chicks on Porn. They are:

Carolina of Staked in the Heart,

La La of Tales of a Charm City Chick,


We chose “Another Night in Chyna” featuring WWE wrestler and reality TV star Chyna (Joanie Laurer) and her boyfriend, X-Pak (Sean Waltman), another WWE wrestler.

Chyna claims the video was amateur, done for their own private use, and it was “leaked.”  That happens all the time. You go to find the video of last Christmas and discover its gone, then suddenly its all over the internet.



The action starts with a pool scene where we see Chyna floating on a raft in a red bikini. X-Pak enters the pool to fumble around awkwardly trying to kiss her.

La La: “Have these two met? I feel like this is his first time.”


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Reblog Thursday Pt 1

12 Jul

Starting a new segment on this blog called: Reblog Thursdays!

It’s essentially where I lazily reblog someone else’s work instead of creating one of my own. Now before you discredit my efforts completely, I did have to read these ahead of time…without skimming.

First up: Tales Of A Charm City Chick.

A hot cop, our hero LaLa, and a 15 year old girl somewhere in Baltimore cross paths in a drugstore check out line. Bonus appearance by The Count from Sesame Street.