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Which Would Win In A Fight…Writing Or Child Birth?

9 Dec

Writing for me is hard.

It’s really hard.

Writing to me, is like spending days, weeks, months, even years in labor. Pushing and prodding, sweating and cursing, groaning and straining and out pops the top of the head…but only the top of the head. You look at the head and think,

‘That’s a nice looking head, but what could be better about the head? I mean, I like the shape and the little wispy hairs, but..is that a dent on the side? What are those red blotches? Can I make those red blotches look better? I can’t. I don’t know what would make those red blotches look better! Dammit! Is there too much hair going on up here? Is there too little? I hate this baby! No I love this baby, I will never give up on it!’

So you push some more, and it hurts…oh boy does it hurt! But you produce a whole head! You look down between your legs and marvel at the head you have just produced. You see two bright blue sparkling shiny eyes and a nice button nose…wait…my baby’s nose is really a button! That’s not good. We can fix that in the next draft, no worries. OK, what else here? Oh yes, cute little mouth with some toothless gums…that works…and a right ear and only a right ear…

What the hell? Where is the other ear?! I just spent three weeks on this baby and it only has one ear! How can I fix this? I can’t! I just squeezed out this whole head and it’s missing an ear! There is no repairing this! I can’t just shove this head back into my cranial vagina…it’s already hanging out there! I even made the mistake of telling a few friends that I was thinking about birthing something! I remember telling the neighbor yesterday,

‘Yeah, I decided to birth a short story. I don’t know, maybe if it goes well I might turn it into a novella or possibly a novel. We will see. There a couple of publishing nurses I was thinking about shopping it around too, but you know it’s so hard nowadays with all the HMO Blogs and the Affordable Health Care Self-Publishing Services nowadays…the completion is fierce. Dr. Mom says I should go for it. She says I have always had the writing cervix for it, so I figure…what the hell? How hard could it be?’

So now I’m hunched over, cradling this one ear baby as I try find some inspiration. Do you know how hard it is to waddle around with a one ear baby dangling between your legs? Starbucks won’t serve you in this condition.

I tried.

“Um yes…I would like a Mocha Machismo Skinny Carmel Al Pacino Latte, Extra Froth, Double Lid, please.”

“Sorry, we only serve Hipsters, Accomplished Writers, and Moms here.”

“Really?! Since when?”

“Do you know you have a one eared baby hanging between your legs?”

“Yes! I guess I’ll go to Café McDonalds instead.”

“Good, and you might want to be careful! You’re banging that baby against your leg every time you take a step…on its good ear.”

Writing sucks.

It’s also hard to sleep with a one eared baby between your legs. It’s annoying. The thing is always crying,

‘Feed me! Finish me! Fix my ear! Change my sentence structure, its dirty! Where’s my Starbucks?’

I can’t get you Starbucks, its only for clever people, clever people that can sit down and bang out a 92,000 word novel in two hours and its sequel over tea with the Queen of England while inking the movie rights to Steven Lucas del Toro.

I can’t even fix your ear. I’ve tried. I tried hot glue, duct tape, cookie batter…

Then it comes down to the point of:

Do you just live with this baby head, ignoring it for the rest of your life?


Do you take a Samurai sword to it, aborting it into the digital trash can, never to see the light of day again?


Do you keep pushing, hoping the rest of it comes out alright? You know, two arms, two legs, a feasible plot line, a cute little belly button romance perhaps…or at least an “innie.”

(“Outies” are so in your face.)


Do you just put a gigantic hat over it, covering it up, and call it, “taking a break.”

If you could see all the gigantic hats I have in my drafts folder, you would call me a whore.

More often than not I want take this one eared baby between my legs and punch it in the face and scream at it,

“I hate you one eared baby! Things were going to well! Why did you have to have only have one ear?! Do you think Steven King ever produces a one eared baby? No! How about Tom Clancy? I think not! What about J.R.R. Tokien? I’m pretty sure all the Hobbits had two ears and that extra ‘R’ in his name stood for Radical!”

Whoever invented writing hates puppies.

So why do it? Why write? Why bother?

I don’t know. These thoughts just get inside my head and I feel the need to put them on paper regardless if they are good, or bad, or rambling…or stupid. Does everyone else in the blogisphere actually really enjoy doing it? Am I the only one that hates it? I would rather sit on the couch and eat jalapeño Cheetos and watch really bad reality television than write…but I know my brain will turn to mush.


Mush potatoes.

McMush potatoes.

Now to be totally honest, there was no point to this except I’m stuck at a point in my story called, “Fatty McFat Fat Fat” and I needed to take a break. I decided to continue the birthing process, be it good or bad, or if it has one ear or three…so thank you for listening for a minute.

I feel better.

I’m going to waddle out of here now, please stop staring at the baby head between my legs.

Meanwhile Somewhere On The Internet Pt 26

18 Feb

ThisIsWhyImBroke.com is a online site highlighting some of the coolest and/or most unusual items that you could ever want to purchase on the internet. Think of it as Amazon.com for the adventurous. 

Seems a fair price

Seems a fair price

You know you have someone you want to send this too...it's me?! Crap! (No pun intended.)

You know you have someone you want to send this too…it’s me?! Crap! (No pun intended.)

I could post cool stuff from this site all day, but I'll stop here.

I could post cool stuff from this site all day, but I’ll stop here.

Incredibox.com allows you to create your own beatbox band with a simple drag and drop flash program. You can then share your song on Facebook and Twitter or download it.

Being a former music guy, I must have spent hours perfecting my song. If you follow me on Facebook, I posted it on my timeline.

Being a former music guy, I must have spent hours perfecting my song. If you follow me on Facebook, I posted it on my timeline.

The Useless Web showcases bizarre and do-nothing websites. Click on the big Please button and see such wonders as lookadeadfly.com and ismycomputeron.com. You can spend hours lost in a sea of incredibly bad and empty cyberspace.

You will turn into a zombie if you push the button too many times.

You will turn into a zombie if you push the button too many times.

Dear Blank, Please Blank is a simple premise, Dear something, statement, Sincerely Someone. Sometimes they are funny, and sometimes they are inspiring, but as quick as reads as they are you will keep scrolling to see the next ode.



Wonder How To is not the typical “how do you do this?” web help site. It’s articles are created by members of the site and rated by them too. Topics include everything from Smart Phone tips, Computer Hacks, Minecraft, to Gun Cleaning.

Damn you iphone! That's why you should Android people!

Damn you iphone! That’s why you should Android people!

Origami Star Wars...never turns out like the picture. When you get frustrated, just crunch it up and say it's the Death Star.

Origami Star Wars…never turns out like the picture. When you get frustrated, just crunch it up and say it’s the Death Star.

Let’s Go Shopping Or Finally My Unicorn Fantasies Can Be Fulfilled

3 Oct

This is a busy time of year…lot’s of birthday’s coming up, Christmas is around the corner, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October,  International Orphan Disease Month is in November…so many things to buy for loved ones and orphans.

Here are some of my findings while browsing the Internet:

(you may have to click on the picture to make it bigger…stupid WordPress)

Hey, Glen. I have a credit card only. Oh, and do you deliver?


Hard to shop for road crew person worker in your family? Maybe always losing a child in the mall? Just like the high belt/suspenders look?


I know someone who could use a vaguely disturbing unicorn mask.

And of course, you need the squirrel head mask as well…kind of resembles my neighbor a little. Besides you can’t have a unicorn without a squirrel right? They go hand in hand like cars and washing machines.

Let’s check the reviews:

Cool. I have so many unicornical fantasies myself. I bet I know who’s wish list this is on!


This would be better if it made my money smell like bacon whenever I took it out of the wallet.


If your measuring that many poppy seeds, be sure there is not a drug test in your future!

And if anyone happens to be shopping for me…