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Reblog Thursday Pt 30

25 Apr

It’s reblog Thursday and it feels fresh and clean.

I don’t know what that means either.

Sweet Mother is on my list of comedians to see, but she likes to tour near Florida, but never in Florida…

I think she is secretly afraid of states that begin with F.

Despite this post being about not writing for a week, generally she writes quite a bit. So, you know, if your into reading funny things, you might want to check this blog out. It’s not like my blog, it’s actually good.

Sweet Mother

The below is what happens in my brain after I haven’t posted in a few days.  Every day the intention is to post.  With a new full-time gig, a pending house purchase, and a god awful commute, finding the time has been a struggle.  Hopefully, you will enjoy the neurosis that is my brain brought to the page.


Day 1:  Okay, I’ll post this morning.  I have a lot of ideas.  Can’t wait to write.  But, I only have 45 minutes before work.  Should I write some stuff for twitter instead? Dear god, when will I find the time to twitter?  My twitter can not go cold!  Cold twitter is like cold sake!  Wait, that’s not so bad.


Day 2:  Okay, didn’t post yesterday.  Today is the day.  I’ll do it during lunch.


Lunchtime on Day 2:  Boss just handed me a crushing workload.  It seems just…

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Finally! Zombie Book Published! Well Almost. (That Wasn’t Fast…At All)

5 Nov

The Zombie Survival Crew* is an enthusiast blog showcasing different recipes that are not only tasty, but help you lose weight as well. The meatloaf a la king is one of my favorites.

Ok, not quite. Pretty much the title of the group says it all: Zombie Survival Crew.


There are a couple big names associated with ZSC, some guys from The Walking Dead, some guys from True Blood, the guy who plays Candyman…some others.

So the ZSC crew teaches you how to survive a zombie apocalypse through their website, selling merchandise, and events. Some of the people in the ZSC have ranks like First Lieutenant, General, and Captain…

I don’t have a rank.

Or I might be ranked…something like: Dish Room Attendant. I don’t know for sure. They handed me a scrub brush and a hairnet when I joined.

But I am a member of the Red Brigade! Whoo hoo! I don’t know what the different brigade colors mean, but I think Red Brigade sounds important.

And I’m getting published in their second anthology, finally being released on December 1st!

The book will be filled with zombie stories, poetry, and art. A great Christmas present for your 4 year old…or Grandpa.

Of the two press releases I have seen, I’m actually listed in them!

Whoever highlighted my name, thank you.**

Even though I was last,  at least I made it above the “many others” line.

I hope I get to meet Michael Rooker because of this…

I probably won’t, but I think I should.

This is the cover of the book:

It’s nice. A little busier than I like, but it’s not my publishing endeavor, so you know…

Well, now that we are talking about it…I do have a few suggestions.

Even though this is a compilation piece, might I suggest this:

Pretty good! What do you think?

You know what…

It might be a good idea to include the celebrities*** that are involved with the project. It’s easier to sell stuff with celebrity names attached.

Much Better

But one other thing…

The picture.

It’s pretty cool, but I had another idea in mind.

Awesome cover!

If you want to buy the book with the real cover, you can check it out HERE.

*We will call it ZSC for short. (Which makes sense, right?)
** It was me
***Besides myself