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Weird Friday The 13th Ebay

13 Apr

Bored? Then amuse yourself by trying to find the weirdest things for sale on Ebay:

If this sells, I'm off to the store to buy a bag of popcorn shrimp and a bottle of Super Glue.

A dead, stuffed, two-nosed pig for $650.00 and a nightmare inducing picture...I can't believe this is still available!

Is this legal? And you know some pot head is just going to smoke his wallet when he runs out of money in his wallet...

A Spooky-Weird-Head to practice poor shaving techniques?

Why are they kissing? Is this the 27" old school gay basketball league?

It says on the can: "Excellent source of sparkles" and "Magic in every bite". Maybe those two basketball players above got a hold of some Unicorn Meat.

Just so we are on the same page here. It's a cup...to hold your can of beer in...in the can...in the cup....

Sold...if your soul comes with good credit.