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Let’s Go Shopping Or Finally My Unicorn Fantasies Can Be Fulfilled

3 Oct

This is a busy time of year…lot’s of birthday’s coming up, Christmas is around the corner, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October,  International Orphan Disease Month is in November…so many things to buy for loved ones and orphans.

Here are some of my findings while browsing the Internet:

(you may have to click on the picture to make it bigger…stupid WordPress)

Hey, Glen. I have a credit card only. Oh, and do you deliver?


Hard to shop for road crew person worker in your family? Maybe always losing a child in the mall? Just like the high belt/suspenders look?


I know someone who could use a vaguely disturbing unicorn mask.

And of course, you need the squirrel head mask as well…kind of resembles my neighbor a little. Besides you can’t have a unicorn without a squirrel right? They go hand in hand like cars and washing machines.

Let’s check the reviews:

Cool. I have so many unicornical fantasies myself. I bet I know who’s wish list this is on!


This would be better if it made my money smell like bacon whenever I took it out of the wallet.


If your measuring that many poppy seeds, be sure there is not a drug test in your future!

And if anyone happens to be shopping for me…