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An Uncomfortable Conversation Between A Unicorn And An Octopus

21 May

An Uncomfortable Conversation Between A Unicorn And An Octopus

So….you’re an octopus?


So…you like the ocean?

Really don’t have much of a choice do I?

Guess not. *Tee Hee.*

So…is it true you poop rainbows?

Ummm…I’m out. *Flies away*

A Second Uncomfortable Conversation Between A Unicorn And An Octopus

Show me that trick where you squirt ink out of your butt.

It doesn’t come out of my butt. And no. I only use it in defense.

That’s too bad. It’s really the only thing cool about you.

Tell you what…you poop a rainbow for me, and I’ll squirt some ink for you. Deal?

You’re gross! *Flies away*

A Third Uncomfortable Conversation Between A Unicorn And An Octopus But This Time Being Interrupted By Albert Einstein Asking For Directions To A Strip Club

Hey Octo…you don’t care if I call you Octo, do you?

I do, and say, aren’t you an imaginary animal? How can we even be having a conversation anyway?

Excuse me…anybody know how to get to Leave It To Beaver’s?


Hey! Aren’t you Albert Einstein?

Uh….no! *Flies Away*

A Really Bad Ode To Mundane Things

4 Apr
This is a poem about mundane things
Like sticks, pebbles, and plastic rings
And car batteries, ants, and kite strings
Bread, door knobs, and sleeping kings
But who wants to read a poem about such boring stuff?
Padded with all sorts of dribble and fluff
When instead I can show you a picture of a robot unicorn fighting a giant octopus on a Millenium Falcon guitar in outer space:

The End?