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A Lazy Day Looking At The Toilet Paper Holder

17 Sep

Went into the half-bath to…you know…read a  book…when looking down at the toilet paper holder, I see this:

I understand it’s hard to throw away the toilet paper tubes in the trash can less than a foot away.

So verrrry hard!

While “reading my book” I  pondered the toilet paper holder and imagined shapes in it, sort of like looking at the clouds in a dreamy, lazy summer day…if that dreamy, lazy summer day included a toilet.

What do I see? A toilet paper factory looking back at me!

El Diablo! The Devil! Mad that you used all the toilet paper!

Change the tube, Beavis! Mahaaa Mahaaa (that’s supposed to be Butthead’s laugh)

And of course…like you couldn’t see that coming…ready for it…the boobtube! Hahahaha!