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Chime In, But Only If You Tag It Correctly

19 Apr

Besides the big two (Facebook and Twitter) and the mediocre one (Google +), there are several smaller Social Networks out there. To blast readership for this (and I use the term loosely) blog I have joined several of them. To be honest, I feel like I’m starting over every time I join one, and eventually just stop copying and pasting the same nonsense that I post on the other sites. There is one that I keep around though, and it’s called Chime In. This one does nothing different then the rest do, except give me one small little chuckle every time I post.

I’ll explain.

Below is the interface for Chime In. You can do all the standards: links,pictures,video, polls. The part circled in red is what makes me laugh. You can write in tags in to this box. You can then obviously find subjects that interest you by searching the tags.

On an unrelated note, when you post something it's called a Chime.


What’s so funny?

After you publish your stuff, it looks like this:

Ok, I know. Still nothing amusing right?

Except I tag every post like this:

Interests = boobs. Every post. Makes me smile…every time. So if you go on the Chime In web site, type in boobs into the search query, you will get my random junk.

That’s funny.

I got an email from Chime In the other day about my tag practices.

When I type in 'B', boobs auto populates lady!

This is even funnier. Keep in mind that nudity is a big no-no on most Social Networking sites, but this means that:

A) Someone was looking for pictures of boobs on Chime In
B) They complained because my boob-free (and some would argue humor-free) stuff was clogging up the boob results. 
C) Chime In was scolding me for not posting Boobs

Well, I don’t want to be a troublemaker for no reason, so I posted this as my next Chime:

Boobs. I even kept it PG13.

I apologize to Chime In that my boob tags were boob-less. I hope we can still be friends.

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17 Apr

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