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It’s Not A Party ‘Till You Name It A Party

28 May

Monopoly, a game that sounds fun, until you break it out and start playing… then it quickly turns into a disaster…from the initial fighting of who is to be what piece, to the endless circling of the board until everyone quits…or better yet, somebody just declares themselves the winner.

The makers of Monopoly have been trying to compete in today’s world against such giants as the internet, video games, porn, and cable TV to stay relevant.  A couple variations of the game have been released:

  • Adding credit cards
  • Themed boards such as Muppets, Disney, and Porky’s III
  • McDonald’s Monopoly game with a chance to win free fries
  • Monopoly lottery
  •  Monopoly card game and dice game.

And I just saw this on Facebook:

Now this post isn’t about that game on Facebook, or even Monopoly. It’s about adding the word party to something to try to make it sound more fun then it is. You know Monopoly is a dull, long, and boring game….but Monopoly Party has to be more fun then a barrel full drunk college coeds.

Gamer’s Tip: If you see the word party on a game, run away. It’s probably not fun.

I’m glad regular everyday things have not adopted this concept, but if they did, it would probably look something like this: