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The world will be saved thanks to my friend’s lawn mowing in Atlanta

27 Jun

It’s Thursday. The day of reblogging. Living in Florida, lawn care is near and dear to everyone’s heart…except mine. I don’t care. I will live in an overgrown jungle of a yard, no problem. Sometimes if the grass is high enough I will mow a crop circle into it, then call all the neighborhood children around, and ask them if they have seen my fifth child Fredrick. Fredrick doesn’t really exist, but how we laugh at the thought of him being probed.

Ned's Blog

image After years of creating ad campaigns for high-profile companies like Coca-Cola, a good friend of mine in Atlanta has decided to do what many successful advertising people do when they reach that point in their careers where they can simply LOOK at a new product and, without any hesitation whatsoever, begin to vomit:

And that, of course, is to go into the lawn care business.

Like some of history’s most successful entrepreneurs, Fred spent time studying his new market, its trends and the competition before assembling a detailed business plan, which he described as follows: “I bought a lawnmower.”

On the surface, this may not sound like much of a business plan. But as Fred pointed out, what sets him apart from other lawn care enterprises around Atlanta — aside from his limited grasp of Spanish — is the TYPE of mower and equipment he’s using. While other lawn care…

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