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Grandma De Voss Finds Some Old Movie Posters

6 Jan

Grandma De Voss was up in her attic again, cleaning. The last time she sent me some books. This time she found some old movie posters from the around the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. I thought they might look good on the loft wall.






Thanks Grandma!

Randoms Pt 14

13 Jul

Toddler: Daddy I can count in Spanish! Uno, dos, tres, groucho, cinco!


Why do some frozen dinners put the instructions on the bottom the box? I always forget what the second step is supposed to be, like waiting the first three minutes for the thing to cook took way too long for my brain to retain the less than complicated three step process.

Except for the stirring.

The second step always involves stirring.

You pop open the cardboard lid, stir whatever half-lump, half-soup food substance is in there, and then…


How long was I suppose to finish cooking this?

Don’t remember.

I actually think standing too close to the microwave killed my brain cells over the years.

Because sometimes I stand at the microwave with my head pressed against the door screaming, “Why does thirty seconds take so long?”

Then of course I pop open the door before the last five seconds are up anyway…kind of makes you feel like your working for the bomb squad.

(10, 9, 8, 7, 6….cut the blue wire!)

Now, because the instructions are on the bottom of the box, you have to raise the thing over your head, like a frozen dinner umbrella.

One slip of the hand, and you could be wearing a scalding mashed potato hat.

I’m not even happy with the ones that put the instructions on the side, mostly because in order to find them, you always have to flip the box around 4 times. It’s never the first side you look at.

Put the instructions on the lid frozen dinner manufacturers.