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Facebook Friday Pt 8 Candy Crush Edition

21 Jun

If you have not played Candy Crush, it’s a game much like Bejeweled where you match the pieces and clear the board. If you have not played Bejeweled, then skip this post all together.

Candy Crush is a little more addictive because there are different levels and boards to conquer unlike the endless dropping gems of Bejeweled. I wasn’t going to get suckered into playing, until I got suckered into playing.

And all was good…until Level 65 came along.

Level 65 is a dick. I must have played it like 50 times before unleashing my disdain on the Facebook community.


Hate to complain…but it makes me feel better. FYI: The dinos refers to Jurassic Park which is a game I play in between playing my favorite game at the moment, Simpson’s Tap Out.


Then my friend Kenny came along. Kenny recently broke his foot, so I’m sure he had lots of time to master this evil, evil, foul smelling game.


A lot of time apparently.


I call this taunt Kenny Crush.


If you have played this game, you will understand how much this hurts.


If you clear a lot of pieces the game says, “Sweet!” It would have been better if the Keanu Reeves of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure said it. I thought it was funny.


Candy Crush depression or Candy Cression.


Kenny actually texted me with some tips and strategies. Like; did you know if they stripes on the candies are horizontal, they will blow apart the horizontal row away and same with vertical.


With Kenny’s advice, and a few exercises where he made me grab a fly from his hand with chop sticks, I was getting closer.


Until…I did it! Which means nothing in this world, but I’m so happy yay!


Until I got stuck on Level 78....

Until I got stuck on Level 78….


Evolution Of A Pop Tart Picture

26 Mar

Nobody Ever, and artist residing in Australia has let me Pop Tart her before. If you don’t know what I am talking about, and I’m sure you don’t, let me demonstrate:

Original picture from Facebook

Pop Tarted Picture:

So Pretty!

So, since I had Paint Shop Pro open: (Which is what I use, I know you Photoshop users just fell off your chair in shock.)

Nice dress! Who is your designer? (*pretentious laugh) Oh, it's me!

My friend Kenny, not to be out done, or maybe as bored as I was that day, submitted this:

In order for this picture to be accurate, I would have to be looking down the front of my dress. (At my new boobs that I suddenly acquired!)

Not to be outdone by Kenny, I borrowed this picture from Nobody Ever’s vast collection:

Porn from the 20's?

And changed it, ever so slightly:

And that was how productive my day was….