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Yay! Sports!

13 Dec

I’m not a sports guy.

I think I finally want to be, it seems fun.

I like the fact that you get to use the terms “we”, “our”, and “us” when referring to “your” team without actually being a paid member of the team.

That’s really cool.

“How did your team do this weekend?”

We did great. You know we are really looking  good this year. Our running/kicking/goalie/batter leads the league in runs/kicks/bleeding so far!”

“I know! We really wish we had him on our team!”

You don’t do that with anything else on the planet.

Our Coke-a-Cola tastes so good! How’s your brand?”

We are also refreshing! Go Pepsi!”

I want to be part of the comradery that happens every Sunday in American homes. I want to wear someone else’s name on my back with some random number underneath of it. Except I would probably pick the worst member of the team just to be difficult.

“Hey, De Voss…who’s that on your back? Sticklockski? Number 109? Whaaaaaaat?”

“Really?! You have never heard of Sticklockski? C’mon! Sticklockski! 420 career bench warms! 16 stubbed toes in a single season? And you call yourself a sports fan!”

I think really, really, really fat guys in NFL jerseys are hilarious:

Are you ready for some football?! Or meatloaf?!

Are you ready for some football?! Or chicken wings?!

I think women in NFL jerseys are hilarious too:

Ha ha ha...so....funny...is it hot in here?

Ha ha ha…so….funny…Man, is it suddenly warm in here?

I’m just glad dressing like your favorite sumo wrestler isn’t big here:

FYI: He has a Grimace tramp stamp.

FYI: He has a Big Mac tramp stamp over his ass.

starting a new trend

Starting a new trend

Meanwhile Somewhere On The Internet Pt 20

16 Dec

At least you stopped by...thanks.

One more roll and we have a threesome!

Explains why I can't ever find a place to sit in this town.

Ahh, the age of innocence....

Meanwhile Somewhere On The Internet Pt 15

11 Nov

Lowercase letters: just like uppercase letters, but without the drama. Happy Friday.

Not a football fan, but I would watch this!


Really cool, until you try to put it in your pocket.


Hopefully you have a good HMO!


Even Hulk Hogan's mustache is a fan of Hulk Hogan.

Meanwhile Somewhere On The Internet Pt 14

4 Nov

It’s Friday…as if you didn’t already know you cheeky monkey!

(Hey British people, what does that mean anyway?)

Ghetto Toilet Paper

The Happiest Tattoo In The World


I hope she/it isn't taken yet


I love Saturday morning yard sards

Meanwhile Somewhere On The Internet Pt 13

28 Oct

It’s Friday, casual clothes day at work. I’m wearing a red shirt and no pants myself. Accidental intentional theme this week.

Meanwhile Somewhere On The Internet Pt 12

21 Oct

“Friday, Friday, Got to get down on Friday. Fun, Fun, Fun,Fun” —Someone’s 15 minutes of fame

If you want to visit, do the math!

MCEscher Updated

Greatest Halloween Costume Ever On The Saddest Dog Ever

If this reclines, I will buy it no matter how much it costs!

Meanwhile Somewhere On The Internet Pt 11

14 Oct

Just doing what the sign said...you guys are never happy!


Clever....yet cheap.


Very affordable....See Apple does have a heart.


What are you thinking Fluffy Bunny? And why is your tail on your head?