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Solid Falling – Behind The Music

13 Aug

I had a friend approach me the other day and say, “Hey, I didn’t know you wrote a blog!”

“Yup, don’t call it a blog though. I hate that term. Sounds like something in a B Rated monster movie. It’s funny you just found it, considering that I post a link everyday on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Linkin…all of which you belong too,” I reply.

“It was alright. I read half of the first section of something or other that you wrote about something with pictures or something. When did you start doing this?” my friend asks while scratching his nose the entire time.

“Well,” I begin. “It started as a Zombie book project, you know…just a place to collect stories and then sort of….”

“Got to go!” and he leaves.

A couple of days later, he comes back to me and says,

“Hey, remember that blog thing we were talking about? You know, yours?”

“Yeah, yeah. I remember my blog. Don’t call it a blog. What’s up?

He looks at me up and down several times. “Were you really in a band?”

I laugh and reply, “Sort of. It was an electronic band. It was just for fun.”

“Oh,” he says. “See ya.”

Well, since he brought it up, and obviously was so very fascinated by it, let’s briefly relive the “band” Solid Falling.

I was in broadcasting school when two of my friends; Kevin and Jason decided to record random stuff when we were bored.

We were bored a lot.

We recorded: Drills, birds, toy pianos, taping pencils, our voices, our friends voices, bits of TV Shows, anything that squeaked, random things from the internet, things falling, things bouncing, things mechanical, babies, etc.

Myself, being a computer enthusiast at the time (nerd), decided to take these random recordings and fuse them together with musical tracks. These tracks were all common license beats that you could download off the internet for free. We took these free tracks and our recorded mish mash and our electronic band was formed.

Now this was entirely for our amusement, but a couple people heard what we had laid down, and the next thing you know, I’m living in a mansion, own three boats, and have a European tour scheduled for the summer. Then I blew all my millions on nose candy, became dirt poor, and only recently have been able to survive by doing late night infomercials as a pitch man.

Nooooooo…just joking. I am not a late night infomercial pitch man.

We made two full length albums and one EP and passed them out for free to anyone who cared for one.

It was really fun. I miss those days.

I have shared three tracks below, but please be advised this is electronica, techno, trance, house style of music. It’s not for everyone. (Think: Kraftwerk, Front 242, Tangerine Dream…don’t know who those people are? You may want to take a pass on listening to the tracks below. It won’t bother me. This isn’t meant in a bad way, but I don’t care if you like it or not.)

I will say this, even though the intention was never to do anything with this but have fun…I think I may be the fore runner of dubstep!

For that, I apologize.