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What Other People Post On My Facebook Wall Pt 1 (NSFW)

27 Jun

Thought I would share a little of what other people post on my Facebook wall:

If you go to lazertits.com it really is a site featuring lazers and tits.

It’s true!

I don’t know who the guy is that commented…and I don’t know if he is calling me an old man or my friend that posted the picture an old man. But if I was a Jedi, he would be forced choked…or made to go streaking in the quad.

I never realized.

What are you trying to say?

It’s funny because it’s true.

I can sometimes focus on four things at once.

Pure awesome.

This graph is way off. More blue, a lot less green, maybe a tad more red…which if you think about it, that’s what adding more blue does…increases red. Mind blown.