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Chicken Nugget Or Celebrity?

23 May

The Game Show Network called me up and asked  if I would be willing to create a new game show for them.

I said I would be delighted.

I thought I would run a sample by everyone to see what you guys think. So here it is, and it’s called:

Here is how it is played. I show you a picture, you tell me if it’s a celebrity or a chicken nugget.



Deep Fryers On…

Let’s play!

Round One

Celebrity or Chicken Nugget?

Celebrity or Chicken Nugget?

Round 2

The Celebrity is on the Right or Left side?

Speed Round

Answers for the speed round: 1 – Celebrity 2 – Chicken Nugget 3 – Chicken Nugget 4 – Chicken Nugget 5 – Celebrity 6 – Celebrity 7 – Trick Question: Half Chicken Nugget Half Celebrity

Bonus Round

Name that Celebrity.

Name That Celebrity.

(Side Note: I fully expect this post will end up in the Freshly Pressed section.)