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Reblog Thursday Pt 19

29 Nov

It’s a reblog Thursday y’all. Now you can either read that with a gangster’s voice or a hillbillies voice, depending on what you prefer. I prefer to read it with a British accent, because women love British accents. Unfortunately, my British accent sounds like a hillbilly. All of that has nothing to do with this post which is about the two main hierarchical types of blogs out there…which is hillbilly and gangster.


Canceled Posts For This Week

30 Apr

Editor’s note: It is with much delight that I will have to cancel some of this week’s posts by the following staff writer’s:

Blogger: Toodles and Muffin
Title: Choosing Your Toddler’s Toys By Race
Editor’s Comments: Borderline offensive. I am afraid if we run this article not only will we lose followers, but will be sued by every minority on the planet. Also I don’t believe that Hindu One Legged Dwarfs is a niche that would require six paragraphs of specialized toy options, nor do I believe any of those toys actually exist.

Blogger: Cooking With Kitty Kitty Kat Kat
Title: Strawberry Pop Tart Crusted Steak With Blueberry Waffle Shrimp Pasta
Editor’s Comments: I understand the need to be creative and different, especially with as many recipe/cooking blogs there are, but fusing dinner and breakfast like this is not only a crime against humanity, but illegal in all the states in the central time zone. Besides sounding totally unappetizing, the wine pairing of Prune Juice Chardonnay makes me a little queezy.

Blogger: The Angry Peanut Farmer
Title: I’m Angry About Peanuts
Editor’s Comments: This is the tenth article on angry Peanut Farming. This blog has 5 followers and I’m pretty sure 3 of them are not even real, but are actually minor characters from the old Bugs Bunny Show. I actually recommending dissolving this blog and finding a new angry ranter. You know, someone who is angry about missing socks, red lights, and Thursday Night Football.

Blogger: Christopher De Voss (The Zombie Journals)
Title: Interviews From The Mime Convention
Editor’s Comments: I get it. Handing in 14 blank pages because you interviewed mimes may seem funny, but is unpublishable…and lazy. Your about 10 seconds away from joining the Angry Peanut Farmer.

Blogger: Life With Grandma’s New Hip Replacement
Title: Cute Adult Diaper Stories
Editor’s Comments: Didn’t read it. Not going to read it. Not going to approve it for publishing. I would actually like a family Blogger on staff under the age of 80…and with an actual family.

Blogger: Single And Lovin’ It!
Title: Just Knock On My Door, If You’re Breathing I’ll Marry You
Editor’s Comments: I think your missing the point of writing a woman’s single column with this one here. I realize, through your resent posts: My Eggs Are Dropping, Someone, Anyone, Please Fertilize Me and Anyone Know If There Is A Male Order Husband Service, Preferably One Where They Don’t Know English At All; that you might be a tad over the single life. However, this post was unreadable and writing 76 frowny faces does not really count as writing at all. 😦

I expect better next week.

Stealing A Stinky Linky

27 Mar

If you have not read the blog: A Rich, Full Life In Spite of It; then you have not read it.

But if you have read the blog: A Rich, Full Life In Spite of It; then you probably are a fan.

Go check it out, it’s one of my priority reads. For a list of my other top blogging reads, send a self addressed stamped envelope with a cashiers check for $10 to the address listed below.

I was lucky enough to be included in this post by A Rich, Full Life In Spite of It: Stinky Linky. Click on the link for the full article. It’s a quick read, I promise.

It’s basically a thank you to her readers, a little plug, and some Q & A…or Questions and Answers for the non-hip abbreviated crowd.

Lifted from A Rich, Full Life In Spite of It’s blog, the question to me:

https://chrisdevoss.wordpress.com/ I feel some pressure to be funny on Facebook now that you and some of your friends have added me. Sadly, Bok Choy Boy was only funny to my husband, my college roommate and me. In a knife-for-hands fight, would you pick Edward Scissor Hands or Freddy Kruger? Can you Photoshop these two together and take a finger bang potential poll? The results are pretty obvious, but that would kind of make my week. Also, have you seen this blog? http://girlsguidetozday.wordpress.com/

And my responses:

A) Don’t feel pressure to be funny on Facebook. Just be yourself. You don’t even have to post, just throw some “likes” out to those people. They are “like” whores. I’m a “like” whore. Hell, everyone is a “like” whore when it comes down to it.

B) Yeah, I didn’t get the Bok Choy Boy thing either, but I’m thinking about making a story up about it. Bok Choy Boy vs. Won Ton Man.

C) Freddy Krueger, hands down would win in a fight over Edward Scissorhands. Eddy is a pus. Or should I say, Freddy Krueger, blades down would win in a fight over Edward Scissorhands. Eddy is a hairdressing bush trimmer.

D) Unfortunately my photoshop skills are limited to cutting the heads off bodies and pasting them onto other bodies. But I like the idea.

E) Umm, do you know what finger banging means? (*whispering* It’s a sex term!) And if you do….you naughty minx! (I always wanted to call someone a naughty minx…just could never work it into conversation before. Thank you.)

F) I have not seen that blog and it was awesome! (http://girlsguidetozday.wordpress.com/) I never knew you could use a tampon as a weapon other than as an excuse not to have sex.

P.S. I don’t have a topic for tomorrow, so I’m re-blogging this!

A different type of finger bang.

Team Edward?