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The Brain Trust

8 Apr

The Right Half  and the Left Half of my brain were fighting.

Apparently, while I was sleeping last night, the Right Half of my brain threw a pencil at the Left Half of my brain.

It made the Left Half of my brain really, really amgry.

Like…really angry.

Why did the Right Half of my brain throw a pencil at the Left Half?

I don’t know….to be a dick?

…to be funny?

….because it needed sharpened?

So the Left Half of my brain devised all sorts of plans to get even with the Right Half, including but not limited to, designing a thermal nuclear rocket.

This seems a little over-the-top, but my Left Brain Half is a thinker.

Well, the Right Half found out what the Left Half was planning on, and he got a little nervous.

As he should!

The Right Half tried to think of what he should do…it was just a pencil for gosh sake’s…a thermal nuclear rocket seemed a little drastic…but all the Right Half could think of at the moment, was Lesbian porn.

(It was the middle of the night in my head… in case you forgot.)

Then suddenly, the Right Half had an idea. It would get the Left Half a present.

A present makes everyone feel better.

But what sort of present should he get an intellectual, over-thinking, logical, scientific Left brain?

A baseball?

A baseball card?

An Electric Shaver?

A Soduku Book?

No. Something Left could use…with all of his thinking, and strategizing, and ponderings.

A pen. A really nice ballpoint pen. A .162 Precious Resin Meisterstück perhaps?


And Right tried to set it right with the gift of the pen to the Left, who upon recieving the pen said,

“What’s this, Right? This garbage? You of all brain halfs should know only a Monteblanc .164 Classic would do for me! Are you the brain of a goat?”

So the Right Half threw the pen at him.