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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Posting This Morning

26 Apr

Ok, nothing really funny happened on the way to posting this morning. All I really did was check my email, and looked at message sent to me from AnyBeat.

If your unfamiliar with AnyBeat, it’s another Social Networking site that tries to be different by breaking things down into topics. Then you comment on the topic, and other people comment on the topic, and then it becomes pretty boring after AboutForty-five seconds. I think I made some comments on some music, the TV show True Blood, AndThat was AboutIt.

I checked it out AboutFive months ago, maybe logged on two or three times AndThen just kind of forgot AboutIt.

AboutOnce AMonth I’ll get the standard, “Hey, where are you? Come check us out, your AnyBeat friends miss you!” email. Until they sent me this:

This is not your father's Social Networking site.

I spit out all of my Coke Zero when I read this, I mean “Star Lotus”? Why would you name yourself that!

I certainly don’t want to be “difficult”. Thank god AnyBeat recommended I read this…I didn’t realize I was fixated on size. If AnyOne would like to talk openly AboutMy penis, I’m OK with that. Just don’t point AndLaugh is the only thing I ask…AtLeast while I’m in the room.

I don’t think I’ll probably will not be going back to AnyBeat AnyTime soon.

Switching gears:

I posted this joke…which I stole…on Twitter awhile back:

I couldn't find the tweet, but actually Facebook timeline made it quite easy to find, believe it or not...maybe it's not so bad after all. Pretend this is the Twitter version.

I know your still going to hate Timeline. It's OK. Facebook will come out with something else for you to hate soon I'm sure.

A Twitter robot sent me this:

I understand the dangers, but it was just a joke. Jeeezzz! I feel like I just got scolded by my mother for saying something insensitive about Uncle Harold's one, and only one dangling tooth.

Speaking of Timeline and Facebook, if you haven’t already, and your a fan of the show, check out Saturday Night Live’s page. They really used Timeline to it’s fullest potential by going back and plugging in the show’s events into the actual years they were happening…all the way back to the shows beginnings. It is really cool to explore. I randomly pulled up a date for you to see an example. (Despite my penis size I can be nice sometimes.)

Some SNL, somewhere around 1999

And finally, this was sent to me from a friend. This is from Amazon.com believe it or not:

Ladies, now you don't have to shop for a vibrator and a bed for your pet to watch you in, while you tickle the oyster. You can get them both in one convenient package...and it looks like it comes in matching colors. AND did you see it was on sale?

Plus you get this too!

I don't know what it is and it doesn't look as fun as the vibrator, but hey...it's included and pink as well.