Report: Millennials Staying at the Kids’ Table Longer

26 Nov

Corroborating with statistics that show Millennials are living at home in their parents’ basements longer than previous generations, a new study released by researchers at Cornell University found that a startling 89% of Millennials plan on staying at the Thanksgiving kids’ table for as long as possible. “Whether the constituents of the kids’ table were a few years their junior or even a decade younger, our study found that an overwhelming majority of Millennials prefer the company of irritating brats rather than their older, judgmental, and financially-secure relatives,” the report stated.

We reached out to Josh Castaneda, a 25-year-old with a Bachelor of Arts in Plant Psychology, who’s currently employed as a Team Lead at Hollister. When Long Awkward Pause asked if Castaneda would be sitting at the kids’ table at Thanksgiving this year, he laughed. “Definitely. I’ll be sitting with my cousins. One’s 13, another one is 11, and the youngest…

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