The Saturday Six: Provocative Doodles

27 Jul

 saturday six

 David Jablow is a multi-media artist who took some suggestive mid-2oth century “doodle pads” and added his own creative flair to them.

Remember kiddies, this is back before internet porn.

This is what you call: Do-it-yourself-porn.

Hopefully you good at drawing…accessories.

doodleorginial1 What doodles could we add here? Why did we pick the most unattractive position for breasts to hang….and what is she retrieving? Some dropped car keys?

doodleorginial2 At least this position is a little sexier and you could give her robot hands if you so desired…and we know you do!

Below is the doodle we picked to feature on this week’s SS6 because of it’s endless possibilities for sexy doodling…and also the hair cut reminds us of Snow White. We like Snow White.


Happy Saturday!

1. Doodle Provocative Ninja!


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