The Saturday Six: Wait…What?

4 May

 A parable:

Once upon a time there lived a Fox. A very well spoken, very educated Fox. A Fox that enjoyed the finer things in life, like expensive wine, fast cars, barbecued turkey legs, and the opera. 
One day as the Fox was leaving for work in his 2014 Maserati Grandturismo, he noticed that his neighbor, Black Bear was sitting on his porch step with his head in his hands. So Fox got out of his car, walked over to Black Bear, and put his paw on his shoulder sympathetically.
Bear looked up from his hands, paused, and ate Fox on the spot.
He then hoped into Fox’s Maserati and drove away to Vegas to find some hookers.
Moral of the story: Parables suck and never expect the expected….kind of like this week’s Saturday Six. At first glance, these pictures seem like ordinary, everyday photos… but upon…

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