A tour through my album collection

21 Apr

Growing up, dear children, I was not aloud to listen to Rock ‘n’ Roll Music. My father would say to me, “Monk, m’boy, if I ever see you listening to Rock ‘n’ Roll Music, I’ll slit yer face.” And so, dear, children, I never did…

But in the late 1980s, something amazing happened. First, I left home and could do what I wanted (and that included listening to Rock ‘n’ Roll Music) and second, the CD was invented (what MP3s used to come installed upon), so records were suddenly cheap-as-chips as every man Jack and his horse galloped in to their local CD shop to buy CDs, leaving the big, black, vinyl circles alone.

Boy, did I pick up a bargain or two! I have many memories of myself sitting on my settee and listening to some great toons.

So, how about it, dear reader, would you, too, like to…

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