The Subliminal Meaning Behind Inspirational Pinterest Posters

28 Mar

We try to keep things light and airy around here, and we do that by telling fart jokes, pulling the occasional rubber chicken prank on De Voss, and by maintaining a positive outlook.  In no way, shape or form, does maintaining a positive outlook involve gluing transparent inspirational posters all over our social media pages.

The consensus is unanimous at the LAP offices that these posters are not a proclamation of one’s current positive mindset, but instead, a desperate cry for help.  Either that, or a passive aggressive dig against somebody on the friend list.  Most likely an ex.

That got us to thinking about what exactly is going on in this person’s life that has caused such a massive leap from sloppy-drunk and depressed, to the self-actualization stage over night?  You’re not fooling us.  This is a time of great turbulence, and the smoke signals being sent out from some deserted…

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