14 Celebrities You Don’t Want to Date on Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Ever wish you were boinking your celebrity crush instead of your current boyfriend/girlfriend/hand? Think again. Sure, celebs may be rich, famous and pockmark-free, but once you see what it’s really like to date them, you’ll be running away faster than Taylor Swift darts to the drugstore for Plan B.

So, to commemorate the holiday everyone hates, we give you the following list of celebs you probably don’t want to date on V-day:

1. Kim Kardashian

kimkcrying“But I wanted the Bugatti!”

Remember the time Kim threw a crying hissy fit when she lost her diamond earring in her private ocean outside her private Tiki hut on her private (besides the cameras) vacation in Tahiti? Yeah. Good luck cleaning up that blubbery mess when you give her the wrong luxury car.

2. Justin Bieber

bieberrunning“Yo, babe, let’s snort an 8-ball then go TP Usher’s house.”

What happened to the cute little lesbo…

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