I Want To Ride 80’s Style

16 May

Reblog Thursday is upon us again. It only seems like a week ago it was Reblog Thursday…

Anyway, I can take both sides of the issue in this piece…you are missing the world with your head glued to the usually broken glass of your iphone 5, yet a lot of times the world ain’t all that exciting…you know…with everyones face glued to their broken glassed iphones.

Often if I’m not driving I take the opportunity to visit my Simpson’s Tapped Out town on my unbroken glassed Galaxy III phone even though I grew up listening to Dad’s AM light rock radio and figuring out landmarks along the way to Grandma’s house to know how soon we would get there.

By the way at the big rock that looks like a butt, means we are almost there…


I don’t know about these iPod’s and stuff.  What the hell ever happened to sitting in the car hour after hour as a kid and looking out the window?  Now the kids are all hooked into their stupid devices where they squint (maybe that’s just me) at a screen hour after hour while the scenery goes by.

Listen, I totally get the drown out the parents thing.  Back in the day it was all about having my hand-me-down Sony Walkman and listening to my tunes instead of the endless classical music my parents played on the radio, from which relief was granted every half hour by way of the news that would drone on for what felt like forever.

With my Walkman and head phones on, I would gaze out of the window and take in the landscape, the wildlife and the other vehicles sharing the road.  The only time…

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2 Responses to “I Want To Ride 80’s Style”

  1. rayworth1973 May 16, 2013 at 9:25 PM #

    For me, it was 50’s and 60’s style. I had my own dashboard and steering wheel. It was called a Fireball 99. I used to drive with my dad from the back seat. If I wanted to listen to music, forget it! Choked out with cigarettes unless I wanted to freeze and open the window but my sister usually shut that down anyway.

    As the grandpa now, I prefer the doodads as I don’t have to listen to the “Are we there yet?” “Are we there yet?” “Are we there yet” “Are we there yet?” etc…

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