The Perks of Being Clutz

2 May

It’s reblog Thursday once again, and it’s May. Which means you poor Northerners should be warmng up sometme soon, right? Except you people in Antarctica. No smellng of May flowers for you…just the thoughts of being eaten by polar bears. That is actually not a random thought like it seems it is, but rather foreshadowing to Monday’s post.

So there!

Miss Four Eyes


I’m a clumsy person. People think this is something I need to fix and that some day falling down a flight of stairs backwards* is going to get me into serious trouble. I don’t really agree with them. I mean sure, there are better things to be proud of then falling down a flight of stairs backwards (but really, it was like being on a rollercoaster, but better!). Being clumsy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, I recommend you set your reputation as a clumsy person too, and enjoy all the perks of being a clutz with me.

  • You are the best person to come to for risk management. You are so experienced in things going wrong that you have the ability to predict all the possible things that could go wrong (the only problem is that you can’t exactly tell how to stop these things from happening…

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