Reblog Thursday Pt 25

28 Feb

Just another Reblog Thursday…ohhh…oooo (sung to Manic Monday or You Give Love A Bad Name…you choose) The title of this piece could be about medieval chastity devices or one evil cashier at a Steak N Shake…you choose.


Today we ate at Steak N Shake.

Upon checking out, my card was swiped and I was told I was all set. There was no option to fill out my receipt and add a tip – simply a closed out order. I asked the cashier, Jackie where I should write in the tip, she replied that this was impossible because she had already closed out the transaction. I told her to fix it then, because who was she to block Anastasia from her tips? And how long was this going on? How many servers in this crappy litter diner are being screwed out of their pay because Jackie doesn’t feel like adding tips onto their open checks?! Jackie replies, “Well you didn’t ask me if you could leave a tip.” I pointed out that this was a restaurant and typically people leave tips. In a situation where you have to…

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