Reblog Thursday Pt 19

29 Nov

It’s a reblog Thursday y’all. Now you can either read that with a gangster’s voice or a hillbillies voice, depending on what you prefer. I prefer to read it with a British accent, because women love British accents. Unfortunately, my British accent sounds like a hillbilly. All of that has nothing to do with this post which is about the two main hierarchical types of blogs out there…which is hillbilly and gangster.



If you’re not tripping over an autograph line of rabid followers of your blog right now, I think I know the reason(s) why.  I know what you’re thinking, “sounds kind of uppity coming from someone with less than 200 followers”.  Don’t worry, I’ll get around to reading this myself too, eventually.

Despite being a relative newcomer to the whole scene, to my credit, I’m a fast learner and a close observer of people and their habits.  And hot chicks.  Throughout my travels, I’ve noticed a lot of stuff that us bloggers do which I believe is counterintuitive to acquiring and maintaining a fan base — providing that this happens to be one of your goals.  That is what you want, isn’t it?  The debate goes on…

Allow me to break down my Eureka moment for you.


The way I see it is that everything you’ll ever come across on a blogging site –…

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4 Responses to “Reblog Thursday Pt 19”

  1. jayne ayres November 29, 2012 at 11:20 AM #

    I liked YOUR comment more than the post. Good post but you are funnier.

  2. workspousestory November 29, 2012 at 11:48 AM #

    Can I request a CDV recording of this post in a fake British accent please?

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