Reblog Thursday Pt 10

13 Sep

I actually never thought of owning a wolf before. Hmmmmm. Do they like chew toys? Happy Reblog Thursday!

Shut Up Dad

Being a grown up can be full of bills, and horrible jobs.  But let’s stop and think about all the positives.  If you’re having trouble thinking of any, don’t worry.  I made a list below.  And sorry ahead of time, but drinking won’t be on here.  I started that habit as a child, so we won’t be counting that.

1.  I can go to the bathroom without permission.

2.  I can learn to fly a jet. (I won’t. But I like having the option).

3.  I can have a Komodo dragon for a pet. (Or a wolf).

4.  I can grow a mustache.

5.  I can see R-rated movies.  Even the kind with boobs.

6.  I can own a broadsword. Legally.

7.  I can eat bacon for everything.

8.  I don’t have to go to church.

9.  I can say, “Sorry, I’ve just grown out of that…” to things I don’t…

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