Reblog Thursday Pt 2

19 Jul

Welcome to reblog Thursday. I had to do a lot of work on this reblog this morning, because I had to find it! My scrolling hand is tired! Check out the blog: Mike Is Happy Relatively. It’s funny and most of the titles on his articles would need two book covers to fit them on.

Mike is happy.



I am

not a poet

Nor will I ever be

I know

No matter how

I lay the words out

centered or justified

I simply cannot justify

even trying because

I still don’t get Shakespeare

DiCaprio or otherwise

and my entire understanding of classical music

comes from Bugs Bunny, but

I do like the rhythm of words

and repetition and maybe one day,

historians will look back on what I’ve written and agree that,

if you stand back and squint, it looks kind of like a candlestick holder. Or a rocket.

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