iHeart Radio thinks I’m Mentally Ill

7 May

Since I’ve discovered this little app called iHeart Radio, I barely listen to the regular radio anymore. Not only does it stream my favorite Orlando, Florida station, 104.1…but it also streams hundreds of radio stations from across the country. It also does that Pandora Radio thing where you can pick an artist and it will play that artist, plus similar artists as well. And then finally, and best feature of all, it has specialized, unique radio stations, such as Coffeeshop Rock, Workout Radio, Lollapalooza Radio, and the reason for this post, 24/7 Comedy Radio. I love 24/7 Comedy Radio. It’s what I listen to about 90% of the time I am on iHeart. 24/7 plays snippets from Stand-up comedians, famous and not-so famous, and that’s all they play.

By the way, this is not an advertisement or an endorsement for iHeart…get it or don’t…I don’t care. It is free by the way.

This being an internet radio thing, the commercials they play are not your typical advertisements. They range from such things as advertising peanut safety, identity theft protection, and how to contact the government in an emergency.

Until recently….

Recently all the commercials have been about mental illness.

All of them.

At first, I thought nothing of it. Until all the commercials disappeared, and only mental illness commercials started playing.

And I started thinking, “Wow, a lot of people must be suffering from mental illness out there.”

And then I started thinking, “I wonder how many people suffer from mental illness? I wonder how many people know it?”

And then this thought nudged that thought to the side, “What if I’m suffering from mental illness?”

And then another thought, took that thought and asked it to step outside, “What if I’m suffering from mental illness…and I don’t even know it!”

And then another thought jumped right on top of that previous thought and kicked it until it left my brain, “What if these thoughts are the first sign of mental illness?!”

And then this thought, took that thought and tackled it, tied it to the ground, and set it on fire, “What if these mental illness commercials aren’t real? What if my mentally ill brain is subconsciously making me hear mental ill commercials, but in fact, in reality, they are normal everyday commercials to everyone else…like my mentally diseased brain is reaching out and trying to help me in some way…”

And then I thought, “I should probably get some gas soon and maybe a slushy. A green slushy.”

And then this thought took that previous thought by the hand and sat it down on nice comfy plush sofa with an 80″ High Definition 3D TV set in front of it, “I like green slushies.”

And I thought no more of it.


4 Responses to “iHeart Radio thinks I’m Mentally Ill”

  1. chrisdevoss May 7, 2012 at 2:12 PM #

    Just think…wearing pajamas all day, padded walls, and green jello for dessert…not a bad life in the loony bin…

  2. Stephanie June 5, 2012 at 2:40 PM #

    This is a piece of art stating I HEART RADIO SUCKS http://db.tt/CMJzNTEX

    • Christopher De Voss June 5, 2012 at 3:42 PM #

      No, I like iheart. I don’t know how it’s killing indy radio, since it’s broadcasting stations it already owns and broadcasts anyway. Indy fans are not going to jump ship to corporate radio.


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