My Country Song

3 May

My attempt at writing a country song.

And like all good country songs you should write something that is near and dear to your heart…like losing a loved one, your favorite car, or even the rodeo.

Take any country song, any one, whether it’s fast or slow (except for Devil Went Down To Georgia or Red Solo Cup) and use that for the backing track for my song.

My Country Song
by Christopher De Voss

Please put your boobs in my face
Motorboating between cleavage and lace
Don’t think I’m a pervert
I’m more of an expert
So don’t fault me for my taste
Just please put your boobs in my face

Please put your boobs in my face
Don’t frown or get on my case
I’m not that disgusting
And even though your bra is self-adjusting
It doesn’t even matter your race
Just please put your boobs in my face

Let me squeeze them together
It makes everything better
You just don’t know how good it feels
It’s even better then having two Happy Meals
Darling, I’m begging you, begging you please…
My face fits between your boobs with ease

This next part of the song switches to a hip hop/boy band kind of feel, where the deep sexy voiced dude of the group sings-talks the song.

Baby listen to me
It doesn’t matter if your a B cup
It doesn’t matter if your a D cup
It doesn’t matter if your a Triple F
I just want to sit you down on the couch
Put my head on the top of your breast
And whisper sweet nothings into your nipples
Baby…we could motorboat all night
Just you and me
Just me and you…and you…and you
And a C cup makes three…well four
Hold me baby…no, no, let me hold you
Baby, baby, baby I could get lost in your cleavage

(fade out)

2 Responses to “My Country Song”

  1. devilsaardvark May 4, 2012 at 10:27 AM #

    If this doesn’t get a Grammy nomination or an Ivor Novello award, then the world’s gone mad.

    • chrisdevoss May 4, 2012 at 11:08 AM #

      I trust your judgement in music, so this should happen for sure!

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