Short Poems 2012

10 Apr

A Short Poem That Seems Like It Might Be Very Profound, But In Fact It Means Nothing

I. Is.
We. Are
At. All.

A Short Poem That Seems Like Nonsense, But Actually Might Change The World

The Crackers Were Left On The Counter
And The Ants And Roaches Did Encounter
And The Two, They Mount Her
And Left Crumbs

A Short Poem About A Short Poem

The Poem Was Short
It Stopped Before It Started
Who Farted?

A Shortish Poem About A Long Poem

The Poem Was Long
It Went On And On
And On And On
And On
I Could Not Read It All
It Was Long And Dull
And Dull And Dull
And Dull
Who Farted?

A Bored Haiku Written By A Gangster

A bored haiku yo
pop a cap in your ass bro
what else you got G?

An Email To The Gangster Who Wrote The Bored Haiku

Hey Money,
What’s up with writing that Haiku? That ain’t dope, bro! U R goin’ lose your street cred, see? You ain’t no Emily Dickinson, bitch! I don’t ever, ever want to catch you writing that crap unless your spray painting it on the side of a wall, next to a picture of the devil and a girl with really big boobs. Say Hi to your Grandma for me,
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