Marvel Hygiene

28 Mar

The cable is out. It will be out until Friday.

That leaves me with not much to do before work but  to explore midget clown wrestling porn Facebook, more than I should:

I read comics as a kid. Might be fun to find out who I would be...

Moustafa kind of looks like Namor there…

Usually this type of application is a series of questions with choices that you would never pick, but are forced to if you what to find out the answer to the burning questions of:

which actor/actress/robot/robot dwarf you’re like,

or which bra color you are,

or what toilet bowl cleaner you most associate with…

Not the case with this one. I think it chooses based on the profile picture. Moustafa is sitting by water, so it picked a water type super hero for him.

My current profile picture is a low resolution picture of my face:

See how I crop out the chin fat? Makes me look prettier than what I am.

So here is what the application came back with:

I was hoping for Wolverine or Spiderman...but giant, angry, purple pants guy is OK too. I guess. 😦

But you want to know what is really funny about this picture? Let’s take a closer look at the Hulk image:

Is that Hulk getting his teeth brushed by a little kid?

Whoever made this application was either in a hurry...or a comic genius. I'm guessing both.

Well, I thought it was funny...


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  1. BrainRants March 28, 2012 at 12:24 PM #

    The Hulk getting his teeth brushed… awesomesauce.

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