A Really Long Random Run On Sentence

14 Mar

A Really Long Random Run On Sentence:

It was a dark and stormy night, and the storm was wet, wet with possibilities, possibilities and dreams, like the kind of dreams that could never be achieved, or broken, or remembered, unlike the last wisps of hair on a Vietnam Vet’s head, that held stories of love and death and life and new birth, a birth of a nation perhaps, or the birth of a puppy that symbolizes new hope for the next generation of American’s who will come forth and lay their preverbal railroad tracks on the frontier of the dawn of a new future, dripping and flowing like a wet and dark and stormy night.

A Sentence About Running On:

Ted ran on even though the race was over.

A Really Bad Poem About Run On Sentences

Oh, Comma
Oh, And
Oh, Or
You Make My Run On Sentence Complete
Without You I Would Be Stuck With Dot Dot Dot
Which Would Allow People To Pause And Catch Their Breath
And That Would Defeat The Purpose
Oh, Comma
Oh, And
Oh, Or
Screw You Period, Exclamation And Question Mark
Who Needs Your Stopping Ways
Just Let My Sentence Run Free
Free As A Bald Eagle, Which I Have Only Seen On TV
Oh, Comma
Oh, And
Oh, Or
My Teacher’s Hated My Writing Style
Even My Creative Writing Teachers
I’ve Shown Them
I Write For Free On The Internet

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  1. BrainRants March 14, 2012 at 2:15 PM #

    One of my former English teachers just had an aneurism.

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