The Best List (Passive/Aggressive Version)

5 Mar

The Best List (Passive/Aggressive Version)

The Best Drama You’re Probably Not Watching: Breaking Bad

The Best Comedy You’re Probably Not Watching And Will Probably Be Cancelled: Community

The Best Band You’ve Probably Never Heard Of: Too Much Joy

The Best Movie You Have Probably Never Seen If You’re Under The Age Of 25: Better Off Dead

The Best Movie You Have Probably Never Seen If You’re Over The Age Of 33 Until Netflicks Carries It And You Are So Bored You’ll Watch It: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

The Best Book You’ve Probably Never Read: Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk

The Best Fruit Which Wouldn’t Be Your First Choice If Asked What The Best Fruit Is: The Mango

The Best Impersonator Of Denzel Washington Whom You Probably Have Not Heard: Jay Pharoah from Saturday Night Live

The Best Carbonated Drink That You’re Probably Not Drinking: Zephyr Hills Carbonated Water With Lime

The Best Energy Supplement, Which Is All Natural By The Way, Which You’re Probably Not Using: Ginger

The Best Magazine Which Was Mediocre When It Was In Print, But Now That It Is Online Is Incredibly Funny: Cracked

Best Style Of Ice Which You May Disagree With, But I Find The Best For My Beverages: Shaved

Best Video Game You Never Played: The Neverhood

Best Way To Eat Lunch Meat, Which Is Probably Not How You Eat It: Take A Piece Of Lunch Meat, Put A Piece Of Cheese On It, Roll It Up Like A Cigar, And Eat It

Best Sexual Partner, Although My Experience Has Only Been With Women: A Woman

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