February 29th – A Very Short Play

29 Feb

February 29th – A Very Short Play

Scene: We see Mr. February sitting in a chair reading a newspaper. Suddenly a knock is heard at the door. Mr. February puts down his paper and glances at a large calendar hanging on the wall beside him. He sighs. Another knock on the door is heard.

Mrs. February: (From off stage) Honey, someone is knocking on the door! Can you answer it? I’m up to my head in baking these cupcakes for the March’s party tomorrow night!

Mr. February sighs again. He stands up from his chair and crosses the stage to the door. He opens it to find February 29th standing there.

February 29th: Uh….Hi Dad. Bet your wondering what I’m doing here, huh?

Mr. February: No, no not really. Seems like every four years you seem to mysteriously show up on my doorstep.

February 29th: Uh..yeah. Sorry about that…I try to come by more often, it’s just that…you know…my job with the Gregorian Calendar calendar company keeps me…let’s say…busy. I’ve got to keep the winter in the winter, and the summer in the summer you know! (chuckles uncomfortably)

Mr. February: Yeah, I know. I hear it…oh…every four years. Seems like that Global Warming Company is putting you guys out of business anyway. Your Mother is worried sick about you all the time. You should really quit that job…

Mrs. February: (From off stage) Who is it dear?

Mr. February: ( Calling to off stage) No one! Just some guy trying to sell Chinese calendars! (turning to February 29th) I can’t have your Mother upset that you are here. The March’s big party is tomorrow. Your Mom’s cooking cupcakes. There is rumors that they are bringing in lions for the entertainment and serving lamb stew. She has been looking forward to it for the last 28 days.

February 29th: I…I understand. I’ll go. I don’t want to upset anyone. By the way, how are my brothers and sisters?

Mr. February: Everyone one is good. February 1st made the baseball team and February 14th and his buddy April 1st got jobs with Disney’s Holidays On Ice skating show. They are touring the country. I never thought April 1st would amount to anything. He is always joking around. Your other 26 siblings are doing fine as well. Listen, you should really call…or write before you come over…I don’t want to upset your Mother.

February 29th: I get it Dad. I understand. I get busy. That’s all. Don’t you understand that?

Mr. February: I know. I know. Your job entails protecting us from an extra 6 hours per year… Whoopee!

February 29th: It’s important Dad! Without me, you would be going to work during Mr. March’s shift, and, and, and Mr. March would be working Mr. April’s shift! Mr. April during Mr. May’s….and so on…and everything would be messed up the rest of the year! (Starts crying) What I do is important Dad! Why can’t you and Mom except that?

Mr. February: (Sheds a tiny tear.) Because we can’t. I think you should go now.

February 29th: Yeah, I guess I should. Tell Mom I love her.

Mr. February: I will son. (Shuts the door. Pause.) I love you too.



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  1. RFL February 29, 2012 at 10:00 PM #

    Because we can’t 🙂

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