Some Facebook (I Know I’m Cheating.)(I Have Done It Before.)

1 Feb

I had a nice little zombie story all lined up for today… seriously…it’s in my draft pile…you can look if you don’t believe me. I’m just not quite happy with it yet. It’s missing something….

(My neighbor, Jasper would probably scream at this point: “Yeah, zombie violence and death and boobs! )

(Not zombie boobs, that would be awful.)

(Except to some weird people out there.)

(I better stop before I have too many parenthesis.)

(I would agree.)

(Too late!)

(I would say so.)

(Now you just sound like a Jim Gaffigan bit.)

(Stop it!)

Anyway here are some of my favorite Facebook posts as of late instead:



Here is one where I don’t think she thought I was very funny. Oh well.

The red circled part is like being booed of the stage.

(Which I have been, but that’s another story.)

(You can read Jack De Voss here.)

(You can read Jenn Martineau here.)


(I said, stop it!)

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