Second Grade Story Generator

10 Jan

Found this while wasting time on the internet:

It’s a creative story idea generator for kids Kindergarten through 6th grade. You pull the lever and four random thoughts come together to give you an idea for a creative writing assignment.

I choose the second grade level, hit the lever four times and picked the top three story topics that interested me.

Story One:

Once upon a time there was an orange hamster who plays soccer named David Hamsterham. He was married to some girl hamster chick who used to be in some singing group. They had one or two hits and then disappeared into obscurity. She was really skinny, and kind of pretty and weird looking at the same time. Anyway, David had a bladder control problem and was worried it would effect his soccer playing.

“I can’t be the only hamster out there wearing a diaper, while trying to play soccer…” he told his wife one day.

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” his wife replied. “Worry that your an orange hamster who is trying to play soccer. I mean think about it…how the hell are you suppose to play anyway? You walk on all fours. How do you kick the ball?”

“I never thought about that…” David Hamsterham replied.

“Of course you didn’t, your an idiot…and by the way you peed yourself again.”

So David Hamsterham filed for divorce and lived happily ever after spending his days running in the hamster wheel, until he died of a massive heart attack while soiling himself.

The End.

Story Two:

Article Taken From The Orange County Daily Weekly

Jan. 15th, 2012

In a tragedy that is sure to rattle the great city of Orlando for decades to come, a White Crayon took out a shotgun and killed a bus load of other multicolored Crayons on their way to Crayon Summer Camp.

Sources speculate the White Crayon had enough teasing from the other Crayons and went crazy.

“The other Crayons were constantly making fun of the White Crayon,” reported a Magic Marker who was close to the Crayon Box of 64. “They would taunt the White Crayon saying things like, ‘No one uses you, look how sharp your point is still’ and ‘White Crayon on white paper, your about as useful as a microwave oven on a surf board.’.”

One survivor, a Sky Blue Crayon, now broken in half, but still able to somewhat function, had this to say: “The horror…the horror. So much wax everywhere!”

Sky Blue Crayon will be rushed to the Crayon Sharpener State Hospital for surgery. He will never be the same again both physically and mentally.

Services, followed by a melting to be announced.

Story Three:

From the Desk Of:

Yellow Moose

Honey can you please pick up these things from Wal-Mart on your way home from work:

Willow Shoots

Birch Shoots

Salt Lick

A dozen lilies (making your favorite dinner tonight!)


Also can you check in the hardware section for some antler sharpeners. I need them to look good at George’s funeral. Remember he got hit by a car the other day, so try and be sensitive at the service. I have left one rare coin on the counter to pay for the groceries, please bring back the change.

Love you, Ms. Yellow Moose

(Special thanks to the Moose section on Wikipedia for making this grocery list.)

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  1. BrainRants January 11, 2012 at 9:20 AM #

    Finally, a writing aid I can understand.

    • chrisdevoss January 13, 2012 at 7:16 AM #

      I worried that I shot too high on grade levels…maybe kindergarten would have been better…

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