Fickle Martin – A poem

4 Jan

Fickle Martin was fickle

He was fickle about pickles

He was fickle about sickles

And nickles

And shoes

And socks

And blenders, puppy dogs, calculators, movies, cupcakes, grunge metal, blog posts, chewing gum, soda, cars, night lights, no name store brands, tiger cubs, fishing poles, keyboards, can openers, box cutters, wrappers, wrapping paper, boats, haircuts, pears, blankets, toys, McDonald commercials, zombies, plants, sheets, hair dryers, Facebook, flutes, shrimp, cell phones, cell phones cases, cell phone service providers, and cell phone applications.

Fickle Martin was an ass.

I hate Fickle Martin.

Fickle Martin can go to hell!

I once baked Fickle Martin a birthday cake, which I spent all day doing it, and all he had to say was,


Fickle Martin doesn’t even like this poem about him.

He says,

“You started off rhyming, then you just went into tangents about what I am fickle about, which if you think about it, it’s really more about stuff I don’t care for, as oppose to being fickle over.”

Ok, then.

How about:

Bad-Tempered, Cantankerous, Crabby, Cross, Crotchety, Disgruntled, Dissatisfied, Griping, Grouchy, Grumbling, Irritable, Peevish, Pettish, Petulant, Querulous, Sulky, Sullen, Surly, Testy, or Truculent Martin….

A poem. (About an ass.)

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