Cup Of Worms

28 Dec

Wouldn’t it be weird if the people who made Cup Of Noodles also made Cup Of Worms?

And what would happen if both products were sitting side by side on the grocery shelf and you were in a hurry and grabbed Cup Of Worms when you meant to grab Cup Of Noodles?

And what would happen if you put the Cup Of Worms in the microwave thinking you were going to eat some soup, but now you had a Cup Of Microwaved Worms?

And wouldn’t you be mad as you looked into your cup and all there was was hot, crunchy, microwaved worms and you really wanted some soft, tasty noodles in chicken broth.

Wouldn’t it be even weirder if the people who made Cup Of Noodles and Cup Of Worms also made Cup Of Fingers?

Wouldn’t you wonder why anyone would need a product called Cup Of Fingers?

Would you open it?

Wouldn’t you be mad if you went to the grocery store and you were in a hurry, and instead of grabbing Cup Of Worms, you accidently grabbed Cup Of Fingers?

Who would you point the finger at?

Sorry for that last question, it was a really bad joke.

Aren’t you now glad that the Cup Of Noodles people only make Cup Of Noodles?

I am.

2 Responses to “Cup Of Worms”

  1. The Procrastinator December 29, 2011 at 5:41 PM #

    I find it very disturbing that reading this post made me hungry… mmm noodles…

    • chrisdevoss December 29, 2011 at 5:42 PM #

      Ha! That’s awesome!

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