Randoms Pt 8

13 Dec

Don’t let anyone take you down. Unless you are in an elevator and someone has already pushed the button. Because there is no sense in pushing the button twice.


Left overs from Thanksgiving:

Happy Thanksgiving. Even though it sucks to be a turkey or a pig today, remember it never sucks to be a unicorn…because even if unicorns existed no one would eat them.

In bizarro world, they decorate Thanksgiving turkeys and eat Christmas trees…in bizarro world.


Alligator Cheese Farm – band name.


I’m writing a boy band ballad. Here is what I have so far:

I want to paint you by numbers
I want to paint number one
Paint number one
I dab a little red
I dab a little red
I dab a little red
Oops, I went outside the lines
That’s OK girl ’cause number two is blue
And that makes purple
Our love is purple
Our love is…purple


The teenager came down the stairs and said,

“I shaved.”

However he still had scruff all over his face and neck.

Do I dare ask him what he shaved?


I need a beautiful moody pouty teenager to pose for the cover of the teen novel I just wrote called: Beautiful Pouty Moody Teen.


After attending the ballet, I’m thinking about investing in a pair of nut enhancing pants for myself.

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