Best Of The Black Friday Ads 2011

28 Nov

Black Friday has come and gone once again. After 4 hours of standing line, and after the arguing and rioting got boring to watch, I kept myself amused by perusing the Black Friday ads.


This scary dinosaur attacks, dances, speaks, and does Quality Assurance all while holding a dead fish.

This is the type of present the guys of the TV show Jackass get their kids. With each inflatable Bongo Ball sold you get a free gift card to the emergency room of your choice.

Look at how happy those three kids are as they race to that one seat toy car. Let the Christmas fighting begin.


This store has babies for sale between 4am and 60% off. That is a way better deal then the underground illegal baby market.


Women posing in underwear love to touch their hair.

Donut Maker, Waffle Maker, Ice Cream Maker, Muffin Maker...all sound fun in the ad, but once you get it home, you only use it twice...then re-gift it.


I think there is suppose to be camouflaged recliners in this ad, but I can't see them.

This ad was in many flyers. As you can see the kids are bored with coloring the thing, leaving Mom to finish the roof.


This seems to be a gun that you balance your $400 iphone in and then play some sort of shooting app. Sounds safe. Does Apple offer insurance on their phones yet?

My prediction...hottest gift of the year.

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